Following the containment which has been decided by the French Government to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we inform you that the CNMP is not closing its doors and that all the services usually available are provided according to the plan put in place in agreement with the GPMH
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Eco-friendly Improve our everyday work environment

CNMP's eco-friendly trucks

Renewal of the truck fleet an opportunity: Contribute to cleaner air in the port of Le Havre

"Euro6" standard

    The reduction catalyser
    - 95% of NOx elimininated
    The oxydation catalyser :
    - 90% less of carbon monoxide :
    The particulate filter :
    - 99% of small particulates eliminated
larger and cleaner image
A usefull investment

    Urea and deionized water solution.
    95% of nitrous oxides made harmless
    Non-toxic solution,
    non explosive,
    non flammable,

Trucks Better for their direct environment : The employees of the CNMP

  • Low consumption
    SCR technology for an engine economicly optimized.
  • Silent
    To improve again the confort of the operators.
  • Large capacity tank
    For a better autonomy and less moves.

  • Confortable
    Very far from the engine they replace, those news trucks offer an advanced confort to the drivers.
  • Secured and safe
    Equiped with all the last technology in term of warning and security, those vehicules bring more safeety for the drivers and the operators on the docks.

Eco-responsable Tomorrow Several projects are under consideration, including the integration of solar panels to the building structure to empower them and bring hot water to the company.